Our clinic specializes in musculoskeletal treatments of the entire body. We can treat head to toe and have various training and certifications to properly diagnose and treat many injuries and conditions. We regularly manage strains and sprains, disc injuries, extremity or spinal joint issues, nerve pain, headaches, jaw issues, pain in your shoulder, wrist, ankle, knee, hip, hand, and of course, back and neck pain! Our full-service treatment plans can treat your injuries from start to finish. We are more than an adjustment!


Our clinic is interdisciplinary and conservatively minded in managing conditions. Our collaborative team will gather medical history before providing any treatment and can work with almost anyone to improve how they move and feel. Our team will offer effective treatments and provide relief while being safe for your body. We are selective with what treatments we use and have a wide range of tools to help you with. Oregon Sports and Family Chiropractic is confident in meeting every patient where they are and offering practical and helpful advice and treatment. We use chiropractic adjustments to create freedom of movement and decrease pain. They are a helpful tool, but we use them selectively and when adjusting is deemed safe for your condition.


We’ll comprehensively assess your needs and condition and explain personalized solutions. Generally, a blend of relief with some post-treatment soreness is anticipated, but results will vary depending on your condition. As you progress, treatment and exercise will produce less post-treatment soreness and faster recovery. We sometimes can create mild soreness or sensitivity with soft tissue work, but so anticipate better movement and no more than a day of soreness, for example. Treatment varies between patients depending on medical necessity, comfort level, and patient safety. We generally perform a rehab assessment with one of our trainers and develop an achievable exercise program tailored to your mobility and movement goals and needs.


Our Chiropractic providers offer soft tissue, adjustment and mobilization techniques, exercise therapy, and Class IV laser therapy. We don’t have to use adjustments to have improvement, especially if the patient does not prefer to be adjusted with their treatment plan. We offer traditional Oriental Acupuncture with an orthopedic and sports medicine focus that can manage a wide range of conditions and overlaps well with chiropractic care. Our rehab specialists provide high level rehabilitation and exercise therapy and are able to meet anyone where they are with their movement abilities. Massage therapy is provided by Licensed Massage Therapists who are also Licensed Chiropractic Assistants. All of our providers take multiple continuing education courses throughout the year and are passionate about offering the best techniques to help your recovery.


Depending on the issue, acute cases generally take 1-3 weeks to resolve, while more chronic issues will take longer to peel back the layers. Our treatment plans are based on your goals, your condition, and our assessment. We are here to help you as much or as little as you need, and we can easily roll up our sleeves to tackle long-standing issues or serve as quick relaxation treatment and everything in between. We are fine with one or two treatments if that is all that you need, or we can roll up our sleeves and tackle long standing issues.


We offer full service rehabilitation for prehab and rehab treatment plans for surgery. We feel that the stronger you can be before surgery, the stronger you will be after surgery. If you are seeing us after surgery, we will take a functional approach, gearing your exercise program to restore your capacity and meet the needs your life demands. Our treatment plans will fit safely with your physician’s recommendations, and we are very comfortable collaborating with your physician’s office regarding your treatment.


Chiropractic, acupuncture, massage, and exercise therapy are safe for pregnant and postpartum patients. We will take a cautious but effective approach with all treatment provided to pregnant and postpartum patients and strive to increase strength, maintain, regain movement and ability, and support pregnancy and recovery for the mother. Our tables are specialized to adapt to a pregnant abdomen and can provide gentle traction to relieve lower back pain and pressure, especially during the last trimester. We have specialized pillows to allow an expecting mother to still lay face down during massage therapy or acupuncture. Our rehab team is well versed in core and pelvic floor strengthening, along with restoring functional movement after delivery.


Yes! We take a functional (real world) movement approach, with developmental kinesiology as the backbone of our rehab protocols. Our training looks at how you move as a whole and then works with safe and practical exercises to raise your floor and cause upstream improvement to your condition.

We use the Certified Functional Strength Coach (CFSC) and Pain-Free Performance Strength Coach (PPSC) programs, which teach patients the fundamentals of coaching, movement, and programming. We also utilize Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization (DNS), which teaches developmental kinesiology, in other words, the study of how the body moves from years 0-2.

Combined with additional training, our rehab specialists are well-versed in teaching you how to exercise safely. In addition, they are all board-certified chiropractic assistants (CA). In addition to these certifications, our trainers are continually taking new classes to bring the best training techniques and methods to our office. We can also co-manage your case with physical therapy, as we tend to approach movement and loading of the body slightly differently, and may provide a different lens to benefit your treatment and improvement.


We specialize in sports injuries, and love to see youth athletes. We are well versed in many sports, and our staff is passionate about performance and injury prevention. We also proudly offer gentle and adaptive adjustments and treatment techniques for ages three and up at our clinic. We will work with the youth patient and parents to form a treatment plan that is not only effective, but also approachable. Chiropractic is a very safe and effective option for many issues our kids deal with. Treatment could be for postural issues, headaches, injury recovery, developmental or movement dysfunctions, neurologic issues, scoliosis, and much more. We also love providing wellness adjustments for a growing body to optimize development and performance.


We accept many insurance plans and are in-network with the majority of insurance policies, Worker’s Compensation, Motor Vehicle Accident Insurance, Medicaid, and Medicare. We also accept MVA Claims and Workers’ Compensation Claims.

Different insurance plans cover different benefits depending on your package. We would be happy to provide you with a comprehensive evaluation of what your insurance will cover regarding the service we provide at our clinic and work with your provider. Our Time of Service rates will be based on what your doctor deems necessary for your treatment plan and movement goals. Please call our office for a courtesy benefits check to see what services you are able to receive with your insurance plan.

In – Network:

Blue Cross / Blue Shield, MODA, Providence, First Choice Health, Pacific Source Oregon Health Plan (YCCO), CareOregon, Medicare

Out-of-Network (can bill OON benefits as requested by patient)

Cigna, Aetna, United


Oregon Health Authority has removed the requirement that masks to be worn in healthcare settings. We have left it optional for those who wish to wear them.
Patients or guests with coughing, sneezing, fever, flu, or cold-like symptoms are requested to reschedule their appointments without penalty. We offer self-service hand sanitizer upon arrival. Our building is thoroughly sanitized and cleaned diligently for your protection, and we provide HEPA filtration throughout the office.


We know life is busy. We will call you to remind you of your appointment the day before, as well as text you 2 hours before your appointment. Make sure we have your correct phone number! We also send email reminders as well to help keep track of previously scheduled appointments.


Any copays, co insurances, and time of services payments are due at the time of service. We gladly accept all major credit cards, Apple Pay, Square, checks, or cash. We also accept HSA cards, and are able to provide receipts upon request.


We are located at 500 N. Villa Rd, in Newberg, Oregon in the medical complex across from George Fox University. We are the largest building in the complex with large grey signs on all sides of the building. For your convenience, our office provides ample free parking surrounding our office. There is a variety of handicapped accessible, parallel, and standard parking close to our front door to help meet our patient’s needs. You are welcome to park either where you first pull in to our complex, or as you come around from the back of the complex.

What should I wear for my appointment?

Please wear comfortable, loose fitting clothing that will allow you to move well. Gym clothing is great. Depending on the area being treated (knee, shoulder, hip etc), it may be helpful to bring shorts or a tank top for best treatment. Feel free to bring layers! Be ready to move!

What should I do to prepare for my first appointment?

Prior to your first appointment, we will email you new patient paperwork. We recommend completing this before your appointment. Please bring your ID card, insurance card, referrals if applicable, and any imaging reports and studies you may have had. Wear loose fitting clothing, and layers if we need to treat an area that is usually clothed with pants and long sleeves. Finally, be ready to move!

Can my child attend their appointment on their own?

In Oregon, the age of consent to medical and mental health treatment is 15. Any patient 15 years of age and older is able to lead and attend their own appointments. Prior to that age, parents are required to be on site, as well as consent to treatment.

How are you different?

We are a rehab focused clinic, with a wide variety of tools at our disposal to help you move well. We will conduct a movement assessment, as well as a physical exam to fully diagnose your condition. Our providers are well versed in exercise and movement therapy, and will guide you through exercise and movement practices that will work to reduce pain, tension and limitations.

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